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Queens NY Drug Crime Defense Lawyers
Trafficking / Possession / Dealing / Manufacturing / Distribution
Pot / Crack / Cocaine / Meth / Heroin / Fentynal

Tip:  Before you hire an Queens, NY drug crime lawyer, that deals with the major drug offenses, possesion, manufacturing, trafficking and distribution, you should feel very comfortable talking to them and never feel rushed or unimportant as if they are not listening to you. Even though they have many drug cases, dealing with cocaine, meth, pot, heroine and more, your case is the most important to you and that needs to be conveyed to them.  You also want to make sure that they will call you back when you leave a message. Good communication is a must.

Tip2: Ask for and understand their fee schedule (how much) a Queens drug crime lawyer, is going to charge you for their services. Does this need to be paid all at once or over time. Very importanrt question. The one thing you do not want is to be surprised whrn the bill comes to be paid.1


Shally and Murray
James Shalley
8002 Kew Gardens Rd Suite 702
Queens, NY 11415
(Serving Queens)

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