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Khat – Stimulants

What is it?

Stimulant drug made from the leaves and twigs, evergreen shrub. Active ingredients are cathine and cathinone.

Street Names

Abyssinian Tea, African Salad, Catha, Chat, Kat, Miraa, Oat, Qat, Quaadka

How is it used?

  • Chewed
  • Dried Khat is used as a tea or chewable paste
  • Smoked, sprinkled on food

How does it affect the body?

  • Manic behavior with grandiose delusions
  • Chronic use can cause depression and suicide
  • Hallucinations, paranoia, nightmares
  • Euphoria, increased alertness and energy, hyperactivity
  • Increase in blood pressure and heart rate
  • Cardiac complications
  • Insomnia, gastric disorders

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