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PCP (Phencyclidine) – Hallucinogens

What is it?

Synthetically produced hallucinogen

Street Names

Angel Dust, Boat, Crystal, Embalming Fluid, Hog, Ozone, Rocket Fuel, Shermans, Supergrass, Tic Tac, Wack, Zoom

How is it used?

  • Tablets, capsules are swallowed
  • In powder form, snorted
  • Leafy material sprayed or dipped in liquid and smoked

How does it affect the body?

  • Dissociative drug, induces distortion of sight and sound and produces feelings of detachment
  • Disorientation, delirium
  • Sedation, immobility, amnesia
  • Numbness, slurred speech, loss of coordination
  • Feeling of strength, power, and invulnerability
  • Increased blood pressure, rapid and shallow breathing, elevated heart rate and temperature
  • Addictive

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