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Demo Lawyer
Drug Crime Lawyer
65 Broadway
Suite 1892075
New York, NY 10006
Years In Practice 31

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Drake University Law School, JD
University of Arkansas School of Law, JD
Rated In Other Legal Directories
Avvo Rated - Yes
Martindale Rated - Yes
Superlawyers Rated - Yes
Free Consultation - Yes
Accept Credit Cards - Yes
Handle Federal Cases - No
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In The News
Demo lawyer has been selected as the defense council for alleged drug kingpin Jaun Vadez Coffeeto. (This is fictional)
In The Media
Demo is a regular contributor for FoxNews for his view on crime and drugs in the USA
(This is fictional)
The Gus Klinger Award for Legal Ethics - 2015
(This is fictional)
Verdicts & Settlements
NYS vs Goldmoon (Drug Trafficking) - Not Guilty
NYS vs Silverfoot (Drug Trafficking) - Not Guilty
(These are fictional cases)
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Drug Crime Practice Area Summary

Have you been arrested for a drug crime? Due to the serious nature of this offense, it is imperative that you retain the representation of an experienced Long Island drug crime defense lawyer immediately. Without professional and skilled legal representation, you could be facing some of the harshest penalties under the law.

If convicted, the immediate penalties and lifelong consequences that you may face will be life altering.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Why Should I Use You As A Drug / Narcotics Lawyer?

I have many years of experience practicing in this field. You can come to my office, or I can visit yours, if that is more convenient. I conduct a free consultation and accept credit cards. My office is centrally located at 65 Broadway in New York City. I attended Drake University Law, JD and the University of Arkansas School of Law, JD. I have been rated in legal directories such a Avvo, Martindale, and Superlawyers. My social media links include Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

My drug trafficking cases, both of which were found not guilty, include such notable cases as NYS vs Goldmoon and NYS vs. Silverfoot (substitute other cases). I am a regular contributor for television reports on drugs and crime in America and I was selected as the defense council for alleged drug kingpins. (fictional reply)

What Are The Average Legal Fee's For a Case Like Mine?

Again, there is no such thing as 'average' when it comes to legal fees in fighting drug cases. Depending on the amount and type of evidence involved, drug charges may be either a misdemeanor or a felony. Most states and the federal government define misdemeanors as crimes punishable by a year or less in jail; felonies are all offenses with a maximum sentence of more than a year.

The cost of hiring a criminal defense lawyer will vary depending on a number of factors, including the attorney's experience, reputation, track record, and geographical location. Most criminal defense attorneys bill their time either hourly or by a flat fee arrangement. Depending on the fee arrangement, some attorneys may allow you to get on a payment plan to handle ongoing charges. Others may require an upfront retainer fee before working on the case.
(fictional reply)

How Long Does An Average Drug Case Take?

There is probably no such thing as an average drug case because the circumstances are so varied. Much depends on the complexity of the case, and whether one person or multiple are charged. There may be multiple issues that need to be litigated in the case, such as motions to address or dismiss, or motions to unseal warrants. Indeed, any type of work or further litigation is going to extend the length of the time that the case will be in court.

Therefore, and simply put, it is impossible to anticipate the typical timeframe of any drug case. Each one is different and can last from very quickly to years in court in complicated, multi-defendant cases.
(fictional reply)

How Long Have You Been Handling Drug / Narcotics Issues?

I have 31 years in practice, which means that I have extensive skills in this area, yet I am still open to learning new things and keeping up with the latest developments in this area. While it is important to have many years of practice as a drug/narcotics attorney, it is also important to never remain stagnant and to keep up to date with what is going on in this field.
(fictional reply)

Can We Get References From Other People You Have Represented?

Yes, and doing so is very important, regardless of the lawyer you consult with.
(fictional reply)

Will You Work On The Case Or Will You Give It To An Associate?

The answer to this question should be a resounding ?Yes, I will work on the case.? Because of the nature of what's at stake, it?s important that the attorney you hire has the necessary skill level needed to defend the case, and is the one who actually conducts most of the work. For instance, you may need someone familiar with crime scene investigations, witness/victim/police interviewing, and/or extensive knowledge of polygraphs, sketches, photographs, and video.
(fictional reply)