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Rochester NY Drug Possession & Trafficking Lawyers (State and Federal Crimes)

Types of Drug Related Crimes in Rochester:

Trafficking, Possession, Drug Crimes, Cocaine Arrest, Manufacturing, Selling, Smuggling, Federal Drug Crime Lawyer, Cultivating Marijuana Intent to Sell, Intent to Deliver, Intent to Distribute, Busted With Drugs, Drug Charges, Arrest, Arrested, Ticket, Ticketed, Punishment, Intent to Supply, Intent to Buy, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Caught Selling Drugs, Selling Illegal Drugs, Selling Illegal Prescription Drugs

About The Drugs:

Crack and Crack CocaineCrystal MethHeroinFentynal OxyContin  LSD  PCP  Mushrooms  Ketamine   Weed, Pot, Special K, Coke, Blow, Snow, Dope, Smack, Black Tar, China WhiteRoofies Date Rape Drug Meth, Crystal, Speed Ecstasy Mollies Prescription Drugs, Xanax, Medcaline, Angel Dust, MDMA, Barbs, Skippy ,Adderall, Methamphetamine, Xanax, Illegal Prescription Drugs

Rochester Drug Possession Lawyer | Rochester Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Rochester Narcotics Lawyer | Rochester Drug Manufacturing Lawyer

Rochester Drug Smuggling Lawyer | Rochester Drug Ticket Lawyer


Rochester Drug Crime / Narcotics Lawyer

Tip 1: Before you hire an Rochester NY narcotics lawyer, that deals with the major drug offenses, possesion, manufacturing, trafficking you want to verify that you feel 100% comfortable talking to them about your case and that ypu never feel rushed as if they are not listening to you. Even though the lawyer has many drug cases your case is the most important to you and that needs to be conveyed to them. 

Tip 2: You want to make sure they will call you back on a timely basis when you leave a message. Good communication is a must.

 Misdemeanor vs Felony Drug Crimes

Penalties for Drug Crimes in Rochester, NY

There are a variety of penalties you can face if you’re arrested for drug crimes whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. These penalties include community service, drug rehabilitation programs and probation for those found in possession of illegal drugs for personal use or other minor drug charges. There are drug courts that deal exclusively with drug-related crimes in an attempt to help people get clean and sober instead of sending them to jail. For more serious drug crimes like trafficking or manufacturing, there is often a jail or prison sentence, fines and probation. 


Rochester Drug Treatment Court

Drug Treatment Court
State government office in Rochester, New York
99 Exchange Blvd
# 161B
Rochester, NY 14614
(585) 428-2736

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