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Staten Island NY Drug Crime Defense Lawyers
Trafficking / Possession / Dealing / Manufacturing / Distribution / Charges
Pot / Crack / Cocaine / Meth / Heroin / Fentynal

Looking for an experienced Drug Crime Lawyer in Staten Island, NYC that may be able to help with your particular drug / narcotic related situation?  Have you been charged with Possession, Sales, Trafficking or Manufacturing Charges? The below listed lawyers may be able to help.


Tip:  Before you hire an Staten Island, NY drug crime lawyer, that deals with the major drug offenses, possesion, manufacturing, trafficking you should feel very comfortable talking to them and never feel rushed or unimportant as if they are not listening to you. Even though they have many drug cases your case is the most important to you and that needs to be conveyed to them.  You also want to make sure that they will call you back when you leave a message. Good communication is a must.

If you are charged with any type of drug related offense in NYC, it makes sense to obtain a qualified NYC drug crime lawyer who deals with possessions, trafficking and more. They know

In The News:

6 kilos of meth taken off street in Staten Island drug bust

ROSEBANK, Staten Island (WABC) -- A Staten Island man is under arrest and facing a string of drug charges following a major meth bust.

The NYPD tweeted a photo Thursday of more than six kilos of methamphetamine seized by the Staten Island Overdose Task Force. -- More 6 kilos of meth taken off street in Staten Island drug bust --

Other Areas For Staten Island Narcotics / Drug Defense Lawyers and Atorneys:  




Rosas & Cirigliano
Michael Robert Rosas
404 Manor Floor, 2 Av
Staten Island, NY 10314
(Serving Staten Island)

Helbock, Nappa & Gallucci, LLP
Robert J. Helbock Jr
2550 Victory Blvd
Suite 206
Staten Island, NY 10314
(Serving Staten Island)

Leo V Duval Attorney At Law
Leo V. Duval
885 Annadale Rd
Staten Island, NY 10312
(Serving Staten Island)

The Law Firm of Kevin P. McKernan
Kevin P. Mckernan
7247 Amboy Rd
Staten Island, NY 10307
(Serving Staten Island)

Gregg & Associates P.C.
Jonathan Goldin
900 South Ave
3rd Floor
Staten Island, NY 10314
(Serving Staten Island)

Law Office Of Yan Katsnelson
Yan Katsnelson
60 Bay Street
7th Floor
Staten Island, NY 10301
(Serving Staten Island)

Michael D. Schmitt,Esq
John M. Murphy Jr
60 Bay St #7
Staten Island, NY 10301
(Serving Staten Island)

Mark Macron
Mark Macron
491 Bard Ave
Staten Island, NY 10310
(Serving Staten Island)

Parrotta Patrick V
Patrick V. Parrotta
1492 Victory Blvd # 1
Staten Island, NY 10301
(Serving Staten Island)

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