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Commack NY Drug Crime Defense Lawyers (State and Federal Crimes)

About The Drugs: 
Crack and Crack CocaineCrystal MethHeroinFentynal OxyContin  LSD  PCP  Hallucinogenic Mushrooms  Ketamine  
Type of Crimes: 

Looking for an experienced Drug Crime Defense Lawyer in Commack, NY that may be able to help you resolve your particular Drug / Narcotics situation?  Have you been charged with Possession, Sales, Trafficking or Manufacturing Charges? The below listed lawyers may be able to help.


Tip:  Before you hire an Commack, NY drug crime lawyer, that deals with the major drug offenses, possesion, manufacturing, trafficking and distribution, you should feel very comfortable talking to them and never feel rushed or unimportant as if they are not listening to you. Even though they have many drug cases, dealing with cocaine, meth, pot, heroine and more, your case is the most important to you and that needs to be conveyed to them.  You also want to make sure that they will call you back when you leave a message. Good communication is a must.

Tip2: Ask for and understand their fee schedule (how much) a Commack, Long Island  drug crime lawyer, is going to charge you for their services. Does this need to be paid all at once or over time. Very importanrt question. The one thing you do not want is to be surprised when the bill comes to be paid.



Other Areas For Commack NY Drug Lawyers:  




Mary C. Hartill, Attorney At Law
Mary C. Hartill
224 Griffing Ave
Riverhead, NY 11901
(Serving Commack)

Anthony M. La Pinta, Esq.
Anthony M. La Pinta
200 Vanderbilt Motor Parkway
Hauppauge, NY 11788
(Serving Commack)

Reynolds, Caronia, Gianelli & La Pinta, P.C.
James T. Reynolds
200 Vanderbilt Motor Parkway
Suite C-17
Hauppauge,, NY 11788
(Serving Commack)

Matthew J Rosenblum, Attorney at Law
Matthew J Rosenblum
350 Veterans Memorial Hwy
Commack, NY 11725
(Serving Commack)

Law Office Of Joel R. Salinger, P.C..
Joel R. Salinger,
354 Veterans Memorial Hwy
Ste 2
Commack, NY 11725
(Serving Commack)

Law Office of Glenn Kurtzrock
Glenn Kurtzrock
150 Motor Pkwy Suite 401
Hauppauge, NY 11788
(Serving Commack)

Law Offices of Michael J. Alber, P.C.
Michael J. Alber
5036 Jericho Turnpike
Suite 305
Commack, NY 11725
(Serving Commack)
(631) 462-6900